Image of Brax near the water front - Miracle Assistace Dog

In this organisation we are all volunteers. We are here because we want to be.


With the support of the volunteers, Miracle Assistance Dogs empower those living with disability to gain independence and lead more fulfilling lives by:

  • enriching the lives of those living with disability through the provision and training of highly skilled Assistance Dogs,

  • supporting through training, pet dog owners whose dogs are assessed as suitable, to become their Assistance Dogs,

  • being a leading provider and trainer in Australia of highly reliable Assistance Dogs,

  • developing programs that encourage community participation.

As a volunteer member of Team MAD, you will have the opportunity to discover new skills, experiences and a real sense of pride by improving the lives of adults and children living with disabilities. You will meet and help work with the dogs of MAD and their clients. 

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with:

  • Puppy caring

  • Training dogs and training people with dogs

  • Events, promotions and fundraising

  • Administration and office work

  • Social Media/Photography/Videography/Editing

  • Information Technology and security

  • Animal welfare and support

  • Plus more

Send your resume to info@miracleassistancedogs.org.au 

Volunteering application form coming soon.